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Traditional dishes here at the the sheikh restaurant are our main courses. Loaded with our special blend of herbs and spices that are perfectly mixed and gently blended to accent and compliment any food item, guarantees the authenticity of your Middle Eastern food experience.

*Shish Kabob
Two skewers of your choice (Lamb or Beef) cubes marinated in our special herbs and spices, cooked to perfection.
Shish Tawook
(Chicken Breast)
Twoskewers of chicken breast cubes marinated in garlic sauce, oliveoil and lemon.
Shish Kafta
Three skewers of ground lamb or beef mixed with parsley, onions and Sheikh special spices.
Mixed Grill
One SKU or a shish kebab, one shish kabob Tawook and one shish kafta cooked to perfection.
Meat Shawarma
Your choice of marinated lamb or beef, served with tahini sauce.
Chicken Shawarma
Marinated chicken in garlic and lemon sauce served with our creamy garlic sauce.
Mixed Shawarma Platter
Chicken Shawarma and your choice of lamb or beef
Lemon oregano Tawook
Two skewers of chicken breast cubes marinated in garlic sauce, olive oil, lemon, and oregano.
Grilled De-boned Chicken
Boneless chicken marinated in garlic sauce lemon and grilled to perfection. This one is a must try that… You will love it!
1/2 $11.95
Whole $17.95
Barbecue De-boned Chicken
Boneless chicken grilled perfection then dipped in barbecue sauce. Delicious!
1/2 $12.95
Whole $18.95
Your choice of lamb, beef or chicken sautéed with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots and mixed with sheiks special spices.
Gallaba Over Hummus
Your choice of meat, chicken or veggie gallaba over a bed of hummus top with almonds.
Hummus With Meat
Your choice of meat shawarma, (Beef or Lamb) tenderloin cooked in olive oil and topped with slivered onions.
Hummus With Chicken
Chicken Shawarma sautéed, served on a bed of hummus topped with slivered almonds.
Grape Leaves
Your choice of mea or veggie grape leaves.
Veggie Gallaba
Sauteed green pepper, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and mixed with Shiekh's special spices.
Baked Kibbee
Sauteed meat mixed withonions and spices, baked between two layers of kibbee.
Stuffed Lamb
Tasty bed of brown rice topped with chunks of lamb and mixed nuts. Served with salad or yogurt.


***Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked mea, poultry, seafood and shellfish increase your
 risk of food borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.