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cream of broccoli


Lunch Special: Sandwich and one side $5.95
(choose soup, salad, rice or fries)

Soup & Salad........................$4.95
Soup choices vary but lentil available each day.

Lunch Plates ($6.95 lunch sized portions of our most popular dishes)

Shish Tawook
(Chicken Breast)
Skewer of chicken breast cubes marinated in garlic sauce, olive oil and lemon.
Shish Kafta
Skewer of ground lamb or beef mixed with parsley, onions and Sheikh special spices.
Meat Shawarma
Your choice of marinated lamb or beef, served with tahini sauce.
Chicken Shawarma
Marinated chicken in garlic and lemon sauce served with our creamy garlic sauce.
*Shish Kabob
Skewer of your choice (Lamb or Beef) cubes marinated in our special herbs and spices, cooked to perfection.


Pita Wraps & Subs

Meat Shawarma: $3.95
Chicken Shawarma: $3.95
Shish Kabob: $5.25
(lamb or beef)
Shish Tawook: $3.95
Shish Tawook Deluxe: $4.95
(with hummus & tabbouli)
Shish Kafta: $3.95
(lamb or beef with parsley & onions)
Ghallaba: $4.95
(meat, chicken or veggie)
Maqaneq: $3.95
(Lamb Sausage)
Sojoq: $3.95
(Spicy Beef Sausage)
Grape Leaves Pita: $3.75
(meat or veggie - grape leaves, hummus, lettuce & tomatoes)
Falafel: $3.75
Falafel Deluxe: $4.95
(falafel with hummus & tabbouli)
Mediterranean Pita: $3.75
(hummus with fattoush or tabbouli)